"Any action done with beauty and purity, and in complete harmony of body, mind and soul, is Art.”
-B.K.S. Iyengar

Marcie Scudder’s artist's journey began almost two decades ago as a means of slowing down and recording the world thru her camera’s lens.

As a self-taught photographic fine artist, writer and yogini – she believes in the transformative healing powers of daily practice as a means of connecting to the spirit that resides within.

By yoking together the ancient teachings of yoga with her passion and love for the animal and natural world, Marcie’s art acts as a visual and verbal expression of simplicity, silence, solitude and self. 

Like life itself, her art is an ever-evolving process. She likens it to a vinyasa yoga practice, a continuous connection between movement and breath.

Recently, Marcie has added artist book-making to her repertoire as one other medium through which she artfully weaves together her words and images to create story.

Selections of her work can be found in permanent private collections in Canada and the USA. She has been published in numerous art magazines, including Still Point Quarterly, where she was awarded Best in Show. She shows and shares her work regularly on her Daily Practice Blog, and in many local and community artist venues.

Mt. Mansfield

Mt. Mansfield


Currently, Marcie lives and works in Stowe, VT.
From her treetop studio, she finds inspiration in the changing seasons and majestic views of the  mountains. 


Sami and Piper

Sami and Piper




When not at work in her studio, you might find her
at dawn's first light, walking with her camera and
much-loved Aussie pups.


  She is most grateful for all of life's most unexpected gifts.

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