Shifting Landscapes

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In 2014 - my landscape shifted. My mother died. I was no longer anyone's daughter.

My children married. I was no longer needed as the mother I'd - for so long -  become.

I left my chosen profession, making a promise to myself that I'd never draw another straight line. Ever.

I found myself lost in the 'not knowing' - who I was...where I was going...what new world awaited. The titles and roles that confined and defined for so many years - no longer fit.

Fast forward...and here I am.

This is a small part of a much larger personal project - a visual dialogue between my past and my present day. It is a reminder to me that the only way to the other thru. And - that there is power in letting go.                      

I needed to uproot before rooting.

I needed to be silenced before learning to speak.    

  I needed to feel ground before
finding my wings.                    

* * *      

This series of dyptichs is meant to be viewed as pages of a book...a short chapter in a long  life’s story.